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We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals" - Immanual Kant

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Holistic cat groomer merely means giving consideration to the well being of the pet in its entirety. It is more than giving a good haircut, it is thinking of the dog or cat as a complex, sensitive, living being and treating it with the respect and kindness that will support its mental, psychological and physical well being. A good groom is expected from all of us, but a great groom leaves the pet feeling as good as it looks.

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“I heard from owners how their cat had come home from the salon and hidden for days, or had become very fearful. What these cats were going through was traumatizing them and it was wrong.

To me this  means addressing not just the groom, but relating to the cats psychology, the comfort of their body, and their feeling of security by developing a bond. All these things are interrelated; holistic grooming isn’t about the one thing you can do when the cat is flipping out on your table. It’s about preventing that scenario from ever happening in the first place. Holistic grooming involves learning how to relate to the many varied personalities of cats, understanding behavior and incorporating this understanding into your grooming methods. It’s about building a bond of trust so the cat is a willing participant in the groom. Holistic grooming also involves the cat’s owner and the environment in which the cat lives.”​ I use a variety of things to soothe the pet through the grooming process. A variety of  essences are applied here and there soft vocal tones humming peaceful tunes on my lap and a rinse in a aroma therapy bath. 


“In the end, it’s important to remember that holistic isn’t just about the pet, it is taking everything into consideration; the pet, the client and the groomer. No one thing trumps something else. Everything is a consideration, and decisions are based on what is best for all three


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